My Louis Vuitton & an oversized Bomber jacket

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Louis Vuitton have been making beautiful handbags since the 1920’s and my idea of handbag heaven is a trip to their Bond street store. Normally its just to window shop but one day (on salary day) I couldn’t resist and had the added excitement of customising the detail of my ‘SPEEDY‘ handbag.  Not only have I added my initials but  have chosen the white and blue colours of the the Finnish flag (My mum’s from Finland so I’m half Finnish). I love owning what is a timeless piece of fashion and yet made totally unique and personal to me. As for the jacket, well ‘Bomber’s’ are about as on trend as you can get just now,they seem to be everywhere. I love that this one is oversized and here I have chosen classic Khaki which just happens to be my favourite colour on a Bomber but is also understated so that my ‘statement’ handbag can take centre stage!

Jacket: Misguided

Jeans: Topshop

Heals: Asos

Bag: Louis Vuitton 


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