Coffee at Ladurée

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A Macaroon is as French as the Eiffel Tower and as chic as ‘Chanel’ and what could be more delicious than almonds and sugar! Last summer I went to my first ‘Laudree‘ in Paris  and have been in love ever since. Here at ‘Ladurée‘ Burlington Arcade I am equally loving the whole experience of choosing your own macaroon from all the colours of the rainbow and having cappuccino come served in an equally beautiful pale pastel mug turning a quick cup of coffee into an occasion. I am wearing a denim dress which I think is amazing in it’s unusual shape, with the back being longer than the front. I love the darker buttons going down the front of the dress and the detailing of the stitching. On my arm is a Valentino bag which seems very popular at the moment and really makes a statement with its gold studs and chain. I finished the look off with some cream heals to match the bag and to keep the denim dress the focus of the look.

Dress: Asos

Bag: Valentino 

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 








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