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Where better to indulge in a little sophistication than Belgravia the home of super rich houses and embassies. So as I wandered past the regal and stylish buildings I was looking to be at my refined best! With ‘sophistication’ in mind I have chosen an outfit that I think is also really cute and feminine. Not only that but gives me the chance to indulge in the beautiful pastel shades that seem so apposite at this time of year. I couldn’t recommend more highly these Topshop high waisted jeans, not only are they flattering, i.e. the perfect fit, but they keep their shape really well. The delicate top is so pretty but if like me you’re a fan of bronzer be extra careful when putting it on as I am yet to wear it without incurring some kind of orange mark!  Of course when wearing white a white Hermes bangle sits on my wrist nicely and elegantly completes the look allowing me to feel ‘sophisticated in Belgravia’.

Top: Asos

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Bangle: Hermes 

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