Green tea, Blue jacket

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So Spring has sprung and with it the inspiration to start adding more colour to my wardrobe. If black tends to be your comfort zone this jacket is a good way to transition from that ‘all black’ look to one with a bit of ‘spring delight’. The jacket also comes in a mustard yellow and I highly recommend both; it’s short cut also comes with the benefit of giving the appearance of longer legs, which for me is always a winner!  As for the rest of the outfit I was glad to find some high wasted suede trousers as I feel  there are only so many ways you can make black jeans look new or exciting. I came across the heals from following Sarah Ashcroft (fashion blogger), seeing them and thinking they looked really expensive and then later finding them on ‘Misguided.’ I love ‘Misguided’ but I am often apprehensive about how comfortable their shoes turn out to be, these though were really comfortable, so much so that you will probably see me cram them into many more future blog posts!

Jacket: Zara

Top: H&M

Trousers: Misguided 

Shoes: Misguided 

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