Flashes of gold

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I’ve been trying hard recently to add colour to my wardrobe and so this mustard top is a perfect addition. The material and tie up bow give it a casual feel and yet it wouldn’t take much to transform into a more sophisticated evening blouse.  With my blond hair colouring and  blue eyes mustard is definitely one of my colours and yet it works equally with brunettes and looks amazing with a tan. In fact I would only not recommend this top  if you were naturally very pale as it may ‘wash you out’. I’ve paired it with some black ripped jeans and black boots which makes the yellow really pop. Alternatively I could have put it with white jeans and shoes If I wanted to be a touch more dressy for going out in the evening. As for the bag/bracelet combo – it is  a match made in heaven! I love all the earthy tones, the flashes of gold and of course whats not to like about  Hermes. Finally, please don’t think I just stand around with  a teacup for effect, I don’t. I was in fact enjoying my mid morning ‘English breakfast tea’!

Top: Zara

Jeans (Similar): Misguided

Shoes: Misguided

Bracelet and bag: HERMES


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