‘Rock Chic’

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I’ve been blogging recently about adding colour to my wardrobe so it feels kind of a little hypocritical uploading an all black outfit post. However, every now and then it’s fun to wear something slightly more ‘rock chic’ and this outfit with the print, the rips and the hat make black fun and exiting. As always I have tried to focus on one item and then build an outfit around it and as soon as I saw this Zara top I knew I was going to click ‘add to cart’. I love the textured sleeves which makes it look really unique and because it has a slightly rock vibe decided to pair it with these ripped black jeans. It’s hard to imagine a time when jeans weren’t ripped but why not they bring a sense of character and individuality. I am essentially an urban girl and so to complete the look I’ve included this hat and heels combo to take it from ‘rock chic’ to ‘sophisticated rock chic’!

Top: Zara

Jeans (similar): Misguided

Heels: Misguided

Hat (similar): Asos

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