Boyfriend jumpers

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Now you might be thinking what is Emma style girl London doing wearing a very baggy jumper, has she this time lost the plot? But hear me out, no I didn’t just forget to take my jumper off before a shoot, this is planned and I love it!  Since I got this jumper I’ve literally been living in it, I even wore it to a Michelin starred restaurant last week and that’s saying something. Despite it now being summer, these ‘boyfriend’ jumpers are really fashionable at the moment, a trend probably accelerated when Kylie Jenner wore one to dinner.I am wearing this jumper with shorts (although you can’t really tell) but they are also popular worn as dresses. There’s something so cosy and comforting in a baggy jumper so I am delighted they have become current and acceptable to wear out and about.

I’ve paired the jumper here with some boot heels and matching black sunglasses  to give more of an evening feel ,but I could have easily worn trainers for a more day to day outfit. My jumper and sunglasses are from ‘catsgotthecream’ and I am a massive fan of pretty much everything they have online so if you are after something a little bit different do go and have a look.

Sunglasses: Catsgotthecream

Jumper: Catsgotthecream

Heels: Asos

Bag: Valentino

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