From average to amazing

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So, the weekend is coming and only a stones throw away and here I am in the perfect weekend dress! I absolutely love the colour, lace and detailing and the way it manages to be sexy and cute at the same time. ‘Body con’ dresses aren’t exactly new or ground breaking but the cut out details at the top make this one unique and stand out from the ordinary. Being a street style shoot and a sunny day I wore the dress with some sunglasses but of course if I was to wear this in the evening the glasses would go.

It’s only recently I’ve got into sunglasses, (I used to happily go a whole summer with just one pair) but when I first saw these (amongst others) I had to have them! I thought these were a really nice shape and dissimilar to anything else I already owned. My collection consists of high street and designer and although I wouldn’t say that the designer sunglasses necessarily feel any nicer to wear, they somehow can create a bit of ‘class’ and take an outfit from average to amazing-a great investment for the summer.

Dress: Asos

Sunglasses: Celine

Shoes: Christian Louboutin


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