Attention Grabber

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What I most love about fashion is that it is forever changing  and always offers a new chance of expression. Right now I am really into anything orange. This is actually my favourite shade of orange, especially as it matches one of my favourite accessories my Hermes bracelet – one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.

Now, every girl must own at least one black lace dress but does it really hurt to own one more? I love that this one is off the shoulder and has extended lace at the bottom which helps it to stand out a bit more from so many of the others. As for the heels – really plain and simple and yet current with their added plastic layering around the edges. I would have paired the dress with some orange heels if I owned any but there are only so many shoes a girl can own and I love this look none the less. It goes without saying that this is an outfit I would definitely wear for evening occasions and has the potential to be a real attention grabber (not that that’s a reason I would ever choose a dress!)

Misspap are giving you 10% off anything in store with code: EMMAC10 

Dress: Misspap

Bag: VVA

Braclett: Hermes

Shoes: Public Desire 


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