Orangey pinky red

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Red can look stunning on some people (especially tanned brunettes) but sadly for me I am not one of them.With my hair and skin tone this orangey pinky red is about as close as I can get. The dress itself is really  versatile and I think looks great with these lace heels yet would work equally well with flip flops if I were to wear it to a BBQ or a daytime occasion. The lace and colours are so feminine and it’s the perfect length to wear at more civilised occasions when you don’t want anything too short or tight fitting.

As for the lace heels- I love them! Really current and perfect for the summer. There is something that really catches the eye about heels that go up the leg and these would work well with either a plain or more detailed outfit (such as the one above). I would wear this outfit on a summer’s evening, perhaps drinking Pimms on a roof top bar with a nice view.

Misspap are giving you 10% off anything in store with code: EMMAC10 

Dress: Misspap 

Shoes: Quiz clothing 

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