Month: July 2016

Half Finnish

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I’ve mentioned it on my blog before but for you guys that have only discovered it recently – My nationality is half Finnish – a.k.a my mum is from Finland. As I was growing up I used to think it was strange how I would eat Finnish food and yet my friends would have

Girly Girl

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Girl in mind  are giving you 10% off anything in store with code: ECH10 After last time putting together a look that featured a metallic theme I decided it was time to go back to dressing up in something a little more pretty and delicate as at heart I am always a ‘girly girl’. When it comes to summer and dresses lace and white often seem to


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Normally I start my blog posts going straight in and talking about what I like about my outfit etc but today I want to share something with you first – my leaf necklace. At first glance it may look like I have just matched a cute necklace to go with a cute and delicate outfit but there is much more to this particular necklace than meets the eye. On closer