Letting my personality out

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You’ve seen me in camo print quite a lot recently and heard me express my love for orange this season, so it was about time I bought the two together so there’s no big surprise that I am completely in love with this outfit! Starting with the top – such a plain and yet bold top

to wear – great colour, ribbed effect and I love the fact its cropped. With the top being kind of one dimensional, I felt I could be a bit more daring and go a little crazier on the bottom half. With my usual style being relatively neutral, these are probably on the more daring side of my fashion wardrobe but I have got to say, I have had so much fun wearing them. Initially I thought these trousers might be hard to pair with other clothing items but they are actually really easily matched with trainers, heels, long and short sleeve tops and most definitely bomber jackets.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I like to add colour to my wardrobe as a form of expression and my personality and I feel this outfit does that perfectly. If you are one of those people who wear a lot of grey, black, cream and white, I encourage you to try and add just a little bit of colour to your wardrobe- I definitely feel a lot more imaginative, free and happy when I have some form of colour on.

So when would I wear this outfit? With the heels on I would wear this look for evening drinks but as far as outfits go this is a pretty casual one and if I swapped the heels for trainers I would rock this for any day time occasion too. Overall making it a pretty versatile look!

Top: Missguided

Trousers: Missguided

Shoes: Asos

Sunglasses: Dior

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