Half Finnish

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I’ve mentioned it on my blog before but for you guys that have only discovered it recently – My nationality is half Finnish – a.k.a my mum is from Finland. As I was growing up I used to think it was strange how I would eat Finnish food and yet my friends would have English food and how after going home from school I would speak another language. However as I have got older the strangeness has turned to proudness, especially in the multi cultural city that is London (something I completely embrace). So why am I sharing this now? Do I get style inspiration from Finland? absolutely not , but my love for blue and white together comes from the Finnish flag and for you guys that don’t know it – I will insert a photo below. What I am trying to say is, blue and white bring back happy memories which is why I enjoy wearing them together.
The colours however aren’t the only things which drew me towards this dress, I think its so so pretty and I’ve received so many complements while wearing it. I’ve noticed people don’t comment on me they comment on the dress!

So, when to wear this look? Certainly for an evening occasion as its definitely too tight and too Lacey to be appropriate for the daytime.


Dress: Misspap

Shoes (sold out): ZARA

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