Matching with Starbucks

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Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may have picked up on my love of all things matching. I love that moment when colours, accessories or settings come together to create a matching whole. In this shoot I have even managed to match my Starbucks coffee cup – no wonder I look so happy! Some of you may be thinking ‘wow,she’s easily amused’ and you would be absolutely right!

Moving onto more important matters – what I am wearing! I am going to start with my favourite part of this look which is the jacket. Rips are over all items of clothing at the moment and I love how the front of this jacket mixes relatively conservative smaller rips with the back being a real eye catcher. Rips aside I just love this jacket anyway, its a great shape and colour and really practical to wear, already I am getting excited to be wearing it with other outfits. As for the jeans, I really like the hemming at the bottom of the leg and the blue/indigo colour. Two distinct features that make them great for summer and yet I can see myself wearing them well into autumn as well.

Overall this is a very versatile look and could be worn out for dinners and drinks although maybe for the more edgy and a little less sophisticated occasions.

Jacket: Missguided

Top: Pretty little thing

Jeans: Missguided

Shoes: Missguided 

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