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It seems like only yesterday I was stepping on the ‘Goodship Benefit’ for their launch night and here I am several months later for a good old blogging Sesh. I actually think whoever designed the boat had bloggers in mind as every corner of it is so pretty and cute
not to say perfect for social media photos. For anyone wondering what and where the ship is – its is on the Victoria Embankment and a great place to go for food and drinks. I highly recommend it if you want to go somewhere a little bit new or different – plus you get a great view of The London eye and Big Ben.

The boat is decorated top to toe (aft to stern) in pink so I thought it would be rude not too dress up appropriately and throw on a really ‘girly’ outfit. This bralett I absolutely love, how cute are the purple tones and lace? If you have big boobs it would probably be too revealing but for me it was fine. I wore these shorts to a festival a few weeks ago and just liked that they were a bit different to your standard denim shorts – and right now for me it’s all about the rips!

So I guess this isn’t just your standard everyday outfit and even I am struggling to think when to suggest wearing it. Minus the heels this would be perfect for a festival and if I were to wear it on a night out I would put a neutral coloured bomber on to feel a little less naked.

Top: Pretty little thing

Shorts: Missguided 

Heels: Missguided 

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