Black & White

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Black and white are a great combination – so sophisticated, so classy and so ‘Chanel’. Actually, I am surprised I don’t wear more black and white outfits as this one has really brought it home to me. However it’s not just the black and white that gives the outfit this feel. No, there’s a lot of subtle detail going on; check out the lace choker, the buckles and, of course, the eye catching low plunge-line top.

Though this top could be described as a little risky and frisky, I actually very rarely wear low cut tops out and about, but when the tee has a loose fit and I am wearing trousers, it’s not ‘too much’ and actually creates a very elegant look. This outfit goes to show that if you pair clothes together in the right way you can still have a little skin on show but look classy at the same time- if I do say so myself. I am going to be honest with you guys, this top is actually back to front- I’ve worn it so many times on various nights out as a black backless top, but my creative little head thought why not mix it up and wear it the other way round- and it totally works, so well done me! I really love doing that with clothing- finding different ways to wear things, it makes me feel all stylisty and satisfied.

Something else I really love about this outfit is the choker- I definitely had to wear this top with some form of necklace, and the chunky black choker really stands out. You’ve seen these trousers before, and I still stand by the fact that they are a great investment for summer. Here is just another look where they completely come into their own.

Very much an outfit for evening occasions.

Choker: LaModa

Top (similare): Missguided

Trousers: Pretty little thing

Shoes: Missguided

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