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So it feels like only yesterday I was starting blogging and writing the ‘about me’ section, wondering just what the hell I was supposed to write. What was relevant and what did people want to know as opposed to waffle. One thing I chose to include was my love of nicely fitting casual dresses and here I am in this post doing just that. I’ve mentioned it before but my most favourite part about blogging is when I style looks up together especially pretty dresses and eye catching crop tops however in doing so more ‘casual’ outfits like this one can often take a back seat. I’ve got to say though that wearing a dress like this one is me at my most true to my everyday style.

I wouldn’t say I have many leopard print items in my wardrobe but I really really liked this specific print and colouring – I think the dress is so beautiful and such amazing value for money. I love the draw string around the middle of the dress and if you think it gave me the chance to make it slightly shorter than its probably meant to be, I’ll have to plead guilty!

I’ve never felt particularly short, in fact I’ve always quite liked my height but since blogging I’ve been wishing my legs were longer and I often find myself looking at other fashion bloggers never ending legs like thisUnknown. I think thats what attracted me to these shoes, they gave a great illusion of height while I was wearing them and I loved it – if height if something you desire I highly recommend these shoes – plus they are really pretty and summery before the weather really starts to drop off.

I loved wearing this outfit and despite describing the dress as casual I would definitely wear it in the evening – there are times I like to go out underdressed and understated without the obligation and pressure of having to impress.

Dress: In the selfie

Shoes: LaModa 

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