Cool and laid back

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There is actually a funny story that goes with this look but to be honest I did think twice about sharing it with you guys. When choosing where to shoot I always try and choose iconic London roads and settings, all of which are by definition super busy and full of thousands of people. Anyway, I was moving around here in Regent street posing away when I suddenly got a massive rip in my leggings down the back seam! I’ve no idea how it happened but it resulted in my borrowing my photographer’s long coat and ending the shoot. However, I had already got some good pictures so I wasn’t too disheartened – more just embarrassed. Despite loving ripped clothing, it was definitely not the kind of rip I wanted.

As for the outfit – I think this one is really cool and laid back. I get bored wearing jeans all the time and like it when I have, as an alternative, patterned trousers. I really love grey check the only downfall being it sort of reminds me of a work look, however I think that the rest of the outfit takes away any suggestion that I am about to spend a day in the office.

I also love this casual jumper especially from behind and I probably would have got some more photos of it if it hadn’t been for my rip. This is one of those jumpers that’s so easy to just throw on and I know I will be getting great use out of it. I don’t really need to comment on the hat – you’ve seen it before and I’ve got to say it goes with nearly any outfit and I just love wearing it. My favourite part of the outfit however is without doubt the heels – yes, technically I own enough pairs of black heels but I was majorly drawn to these and think they are so on trend and amazing.

This is a great everyday outfit but of course if you are going to be doing a lot of walking I would swap the heels for converses or trainers.

Jumper top: Missguided 


Shoes: Public Desire 

Hat (Similar): Topshop 

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