Urbankik Art

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So when I tell people I am a fashion blogger I often get asked ‘what’s your style’? and ‘what kind of clothing do you wear’? When it comes to style it’s a hard question to answer as I tend to just wear what I like without any special do’s or don’ts. I might transition from a floaty dress to some ripped shorts in no time at all – I kinda of make it up as I go along. This look doesn’t really fit any particular style criteria although it has a sort of urban vibe and I rather like the contrast here with the tradition of the Ritz hotel in the background.
My absolutely favourite part of this look by far is the top from ‘Urbankik Art’ – such a gorgous fit and design. I love that it has a subtle bagginess about it, making me feel smaller and the crown that lets people know I am a ‘princess’ . Also I think the neck line is to die for – not too sure what I would call it, maybe – slightly stooped off-the-shoulder – but whatever, it is really elegant.

I don’t doubt we all own lots of pairs of denim shorts( or maybe I’m just speaking for myself) but I just felt I had to get some with rips in too and anyhow they go with the whole ‘urban’ feel of this outfit. Finally, I call these shoes ‘summer boot heels’ and they help to bring the look together oh so well.

An outfit to be worn at a casual daytime event.

Top: Urbanik Art 

Shorts: Missguided

Heels: Ego official

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