What are your statistics?

My Birthday is the 16th September 1991, which makes me 24. I am 5ft 6’1/2 but I like to round that up to 5.7’. I weigh 8st and am a UK size 8, which is a USA size 4 and European 36.

Why did you start a blog?

It took quite a while and a lot of consideration before I decided to become a blogger. I had previously worked as a menswear stylist for an American suit company but really wanted to get more into women’s styling. However, when I tried I quickly found that my lack of experience in women’s styling was going to make it really hard for me to make that change. At the same time and from a young age I always knew I wanted to start a business and work for myself. The idea of styling my own clothes and sharing my fashion and style ideas started to take shape. Now at 24 I feel I am at that place where I can take that chance,follow my ambition and put my time and energy into what I love and am passionate about – my fashion blog.

Any advice on starting a blog?

My main advice on anyone thinking on starting a blog would be to just do it! I often get asked ‘how did do you do this’ or ‘ how did you do that’ and although you might need a lot of patience if you are enthusiastic and determined you will always find ways to get to the answers. No one is a pro at blogging before they blog, sure some people are more tech savvy but nearly everything you need to know can be found online if your willing to put the time in. For me a lot of blogging is trial and error and just slowly improving as you go. I’d even go as far as saying – enjoy the mistakes as long as you learn from them and don’t expect results too fast. I love blogging for the sheer fun of it but for some earning money is their motive. Be careful it can be quite transparent! . So If you are really passionate about a particular subject and willing to put the time in – then there is nothing I recommend more than blogging.

How did you create your blog?

I made my blog on WordPress

Do you get help with your blog?

I have a photographer who takes my photos. My photos and looks are the main part of my blog so it was important for me to get that right. I write all my own content but being dyslexic my dad proofreads my posts (thanks dad). I am sure there are still mistakes in what gets posted but for me it is more important to let the images tell the story.

How do you decided what looks to post?

For me, putting together different looks is the most fun part about blogging and I never run out of ideas of what I want to be posting. In terms of my content, I try to mix it up eg: if I am wearing a black dress, I will try and leave it a while before posting another black dress and instead do a post in jeans or shorts. I also love feedback so if there are any looks you would like to see please do let me know. Finally, it is no secret that bloggers get gifted and sponsored but I would just like to make it extra clear that I would never post myself in clothing I did not like and did not fit my own personal style.