Letting my inner diva come to light

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So if you read my blog post Butter wouldn’t melt… you will remember how I spoke about posing differently for different looks and this khaki cropped jumper resulted in me immediately throwing my hands behind my head and waking that stomach out and letting my inner diva come to light.

As for this outfit,I feel like such as Missguided babe while wearing it. This is a perfect combination of clothing for my body type so if you have a body like mine listen up, or should I say read carefully. I am one of those people who doesn’t have much of a waist at all but with the high waited skirt and baggy cropped jumper combination it gives me a (slight) elusion of one as the bottom of the top makes my body come out and the top of the skirt pulls my waist back in again. If you do happen to have a waist, firstly you should consider yourself lucky but also feel free to try out this look anyway as its super cool and I really loved wearing it. All the tones in this outfit complement each other extremely well and it is a great everyday outfit for this semi-summer type weather that we call English summer.

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Skirt: Missguided

Heels: Public Desire